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Humble Beginnings 5 years ago.

Pursuing the Passion

in our own self build studio in malaga, Spain.

creating atmospheres

Energetic live sets are our trademark

Born and raised in Hamburg, JODA & MARROW breathe the local Techno & Psytrance scene. Since the tender age of 16, they’ve been avid attendees of almost every Rave Event in the region. Inspired by the loving atmosphere and their shared love for electronic music, both resolved to make a meaningful contribution to the scene by producing and releasing their own compositions.

In 2021, they made a pivotal decision to relocate from Hamburg to Malaga, Spain, realizing one of their longstanding dreams. Nestled in the heart of nature and basking in 300+ days of sun annually, they established their own music studio. Committed to their artistic vision, JODA & MARROW ardently craft music that resonates on a profound level, fostering unity and connection on the dance floor.


A Collection of Sonic Adventures

May 2023

Believe in a miracle

Over 300.000 Streams on Spotify alone.

August 2023

Chase & Believe

(self published)

Oktober 2023


Where Techno meets explicit Latin Vocals

November 2023

Beethoven's Beauty

Beethovens 5th Symphony with some spicy beats.

November 2023

The man I want to be

Hard Techno at it’s finest.

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